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7 Quick & Easy Golf Marketing Ideas in Any Season

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck for good ideas when it comes to marketing your golf business..?

If you do, then you will love these quick ideas – each of which are quick and easy to implement.

1. The "Time Released Benefit" Idea:

The "picture (no.) (days/weeks/months/years) from now (how much better your golf game will be) ..." Idea tells your prospects indirectly and visually how long your product will deliver their desired benefit. As you imagine, the quicker it delivers the benefit, the quicker they will order your product.

2. The "Single Most Important Question" Idea:

The "the single most important question you should ask yourself before buying (A Golf Club Membership) ..." Idea tells your prospect that they better know the question before they invest their money and not improve their life. You want the question to tempt them to buy your Package and not your competition's.

3. The "Puzzle" Idea:

The "try to fill in this blank, this will _____ your life..." Idea tells your prospects to concentrate on your sales message by trying to fill in the blank. People will naturally fill in the blank with a positive word, like improve, better, enhance, etc. They will write part of your ad for you and persuade themselves to buy.

4. The See How We Beat Our Competitors" Idea:

The "visit our top competitors' web sites and check them out... Put them under the microscope and see how we compare…" Idea tells your prospects that you aren't even remotely scared by your competition. Your visitors will assume your offers must be way better since you are asking them to take a very close look at your competition.

5. The "Surprise Hint" Idea:

The "I want it to be a surprise but I'll give you a hint..." Idea tells your prospects that you're just teasing them a little. It will build anticipation until your product is released. People will likely still try to figure it out and your competitor even more.

6. The "Red in The Face" Idea:

The "this is kind of embarrassing..." Idea tells your prospects that even you, the business owner, have been red-faced before for not achieving your desired benefit. If they are currently embarrassed they will relate to your story and likely purchase your product.

7. The "Are You Feeling Angry Yet?" Idea:

The "sorry, this may upset you... It might even make you feel really angry…" Idea invites your prospects to imagine how you could possibly upset them with a sales letter or a video. They will want to keep reading/watching to see what it could be. It could be exposing sneaky ways that the competition scams them, a dose of reality that could persuade them to buy, about how they lost out on your last deal but you are re-launching it at only a few pounds higher, etc.

Just imagine if each of these brought you just one new customer a week.

That would be 364 new clients in the next 12 months! And the best part is that each of these ideas are easy and affordable to implement.

If you're looking to attract more customers, increase your revenue and improve your overall marketing performance then take a sneak peek from your choice of 3 actual lessons from The Golf Marketing Masterclass. I promise you it will be the best decision you've made for your golf business today! 

John King

John King is the Co-Founder of Golf Marketing University, a dedicated marketing training platform for commercial golf clubs. After spending nearly a decade marketing facilities and venues within the golf and hospitality industry, John has harnessed how to effectively guide his clients to increased sales in today's competitive and ever-changing market.

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