Facebook Blueprint For Golf Clubs 
3 Part Video Series 

Three simple videos to help you use Facebook to attract, engage and retain
new and existing customers to your golf club


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10 things you can start posting on Facebook today

5 tips for creating engaging Facebook posts

5 Facebook mistakes your club should avoid

What You'll Discover in this 3-Part Video Series:


Avoid common pitfalls

How to avoid some of the most common Facebook pitfalls that lead to wasted time and money.


Operational Tips 

Get the most out of your Facebook presence with a few small procedural operational tips


Content you can post today

10 Ideas for tried and tested content that you can start posting on your clubs Facebook page today.


Engage your audience ​​​

Learn how to craft content that is going to engage and entertain your audience building their trust.

John King - Your Guide
John is the Co-Founder of GMU. John doesn’t just preach and teach marketing to golf clubs, he actually does the business every day. Refining his craft marketing the European Golf Course Owners Association, where he was fundamental in developing the VISION 2020 project, John moved on to built dozens of ruthlessly effective websites for golf facilities across Europe. Now, as Creative Director & Founder of Digital Distilla, a golf-only marketing agency, John brings in hundreds of thousands in sales every year for some of the UK’s most commercial and well-respected golf clubs.

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