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Marketing Golf Ain't What It Used To Be

Once upon a time, marketing a golf facility was a piece of cake. Pay for a few adverts in the local newspapers and magazines and wait for the phone to ring. And twenty years ago it did ring. And so did the checkout. In the 1990s making money in golf was as easy as opening your doors and welcoming customers in.

Now things aren't so simple. With much more competition things became tough enough,
then came a double-whammy...RECESSION & TECHNOLOGY

Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news but you know, the changes are here to stay and the challenges you face now are the same in every industry. So what can you do? As the old saying goes,  "if you can't beat 'em, you may as well join 'em!"

How annoying and confusing being surrounded by people printing money using all sorts of "marketing silver bullets" that when you try them, don't turn out to be quite so...silver :-( SEO, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Website, & Social Media.

Great marketing isn't just some crazy pipe-dream,
find the right way to learn & the right people to help you on your way

The great news for you is that marketing understanding
and know-how are just a few clicks away.

Welcome To Golf Marketing University

Your dedicated online training platform to teach you the best techniques
to quickly and effectively market your facility in today's tough environment

Jargon-Free All The Way

There's way too much jargon in the world, so you won't find any added in GMU! Just plain, easy-to-follow non-technical English at every level...from total newbie to golf marketing superhero

Not Just For Marketers

Marketing isn't just for "Marketing Professionals". Whether you're a Golf Pro, a Chef or a Waitress, if you work at a golf facility, you've got ideas, content, expertise to contribute. Find out how to make the most of it

Learn At Your Own Pace

Are you a quick learner? Or do you like to take your time? Follow your courses whenever & for however long it suits you. Hoover up knowledge or soak it up slowly, you choose your own pace

Watch, Listen or Read & Learn 

How do you learn best? By watching? Listening? Or by reading? Every course is delivered with video, audio and in writing  so you can learn in the way that suits you best

Join The Community

You're not alone, around the world are thousands of people just like you struggle to market their facilities. Why not share your ideas, lessons & success'll get lots more in return


Finished a course? All you have to do is pass the quiz and you'll get your completion Certificate. Now you won't just work like an expert, you'll be able to prove it on paper too

"Golf Marketing University is full of great, easy to digest practical marketing ideas, resources and courses. Even in the short time and the few parts I've looked at… success already! One resource that was recommended has allowed me to produce a great design for our newly launched burger menu. I can’t wait to explore it more!!"

Colin White - Group Operations Manager

Green Grass Golf

Jargon-Free, Self Paced, Online Training Courses

Easy to follow, jargon-free courses to teach you the most best techniques to quickly and effectively market your facility in today's environment.

Time Saving Tools, Tips, Ideas, Resources & Done For You Templates:

You'll be shown time-saving tips & tools to help your planning and production for professional results
and we'll walk you through how to use these step-by-step

Monthly, On-going Live Training Calls With Leading Experts

Each month you will receive exclusive access to live trainings on the topics that matter most to you, from the best in the business 

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*GMU registration is only open for people who own, manage or work at a golf facility. All registrations will go through a verification process.

If you could gain an extra 20, 50, 100 members or increase your green fee income by 20, 50, 100% over the next year...
What would that be worth to the business...?

Don't let another season slip by
with marketing that's hurting your business...

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