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Marketing Golf Ain't What It Used To Be

Once upon a time, marketing a golf facility was a piece of cake. Pay for a few adverts in the local newspapers and magazines and wait for the phone to ring. And twenty years ago it did ring. And so did the checkout. In the 1990s making money in golf was as easy as opening your doors and welcoming customers in.

Now things aren't so simple. With much more competition things became tough enough,
then came a double-whammy...RECESSION & TECHNOLOGY

Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news but you know, the changes are here to stay and the challenges you face now are the same in every industry. So what can you do? As the old saying goes,  "if you can't beat 'em, you may as well join 'em!"

How annoying and confusing being surrounded by people printing money using all sorts of "marketing silver bullets" that when you try them, don't turn out to be quite so...silver :-( SEO, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Website, & Social Media.

Here's what tends to happen....

You need more sales, you run a promotion for a particular membership or offer. Some leads come in and you get some sales... BUT THEN WHAT.

These contacts sit and grow cobwebs on an email list or excel sheet. All the time and money you spent to get these contacts is wasted, and the process is repeated and more time and money is lost. 

There is a solution to this problem though and it's not just another marketing silver bullet. 

Welcome To Infusionsoft

The #1 Sales and Marketing Software for Golf Facilities

Golf Facility CRM

One place. Every contact.

With Infusionsoft customer tracking software, you'll know key details about every customer—right down to their last purchase or conversation with you—and impress them with incredible customer service and personalized messages. It’s the professionalism and polish of a golf facility with an entire marketing department, with the personal touch of your small business. That's the power of a CRM.

Contact Management

Data Management

Customer Segmentation

Calendar & Task Management

Marketing Automation

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Stop wasting time chasing down every lead. Marketing automation software transforms how you work to achieve higher engagement with less hassle. Find out who’s visiting your website most often? Done. Offer a discount to the hottest leads—without writing an email to every one of them? Yep. Automatically follow up with someone, While you sleep!

Campaign Builder

Email Marketing

Landing Pages

Statistics & Reports

Use cases for your facility

Automate Membership Renewal 

Automate Appointment Booking

Automate Responses from Your Website

Automate Net Promoter Score

Automate Responses From Bookings


Automate Online Reviews

Sales Automation

Close more sales, faster.

Leads are great, but paying customers are better. You could spend money hiring a huge sales team. You could make more cold calls. Or—for a fraction of the cost—you could use sales management software to get even better results. With the powerful Infusionsoft app running your sales machine from behind the scenes, there's no stopping you from reaching your full revenue potential.

Pipeline management

Lead scoring

Landing Pages

Statistics & Reports

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