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Golf Marketing Roadblock #2 – Amateur Driven Marketing

Here’s a scenario that plays out at golf clubs all around the world:

To hit budget, Sales Managers, Golf Pros, Membership Managers, even Wedding Coordinators need to sell more green fees, memberships, weddings etc. So what do they do?

They head straight to the "professional" responsible for marketing and they say....

“Hey, I’ve got a great idea for an offer to get more customers. Can we do a campaign?”

So the poor marketer, under pressure from the guys on the front-line, goes off and arranges a campaign, centred around a discounted offer with flyer, posters, emails and social media to 'get the sales message to market'.

Do you know what’s so disastrous about this?

Customers and prospects don't like it!

They end up getting bombarded by spammy sales messages which they ignore

The poor marketing people are driven nuts because they’re constantly under pressure, they know this type of upside-down marketing rarely works and, it makes them look INEFFECTIVE and UNPROFESSIONAL.

Finally and worst of all, the business suffers, because it's really expensive to market this way, there's less money coming in and a discount-minded customer is attracted

That is what happens when amateurs drive marketing!

Does that ring any bells for you?

To end this frustration the whole team needs to learn how to do things the right way round.

When everyone wears professional marketing goggles a world of opportunity opens up for everyone to contribute BUT they have to know what they’re doing and how it fits in.

We've built the Golf Marketing Masterclass with this very issue in mind. 

The 10 week online training has been designed for the whole team.

To end the misery of 'Amateur-Driven' Marketing.

All the best,

Golf Marketing University

John King

John King is the Co-Founder of Golf Marketing University, a dedicated marketing training platform for commercial golf clubs. After spending nearly a decade marketing facilities and venues within the golf and hospitality industry, John has harnessed how to effectively guide his clients to increased sales in today's competitive and ever-changing market.

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