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John King - Co-Founder, Golf Marketing University

John King is the Co-Founder of Golf Marketing University, a dedicated marketing training platform for commercial golf clubs. Golf Marketing University are the pioneers of the industries first dedicated online training programme for commercial club marketing.

After spending nearly a decade marketing facilities and venues within the golf and hospitality industry, John has harnessed how to effectively guide his clients to increased sales in todays competitive and ever-changing market.

John doesn’t just preach and teach marketing to golf clubs, he actually does the business every day as founder and director of Digital Distilla, a golf only marketing agency that brings in hundreds of thousands in sales every year for some of the UK’s most commercial and well-respected golf clubs.

Not afraid to tell it like he sees it, John is an entertaining, thought provoking golf marketing speaker. His practical approach incorporates the fundamentals of consumer behaviour and embeds this ethos throughout his marketing, centered on the customer first - not the product. Prepare yourself to leave motivated and armed with new ideas and a fresh perspective.

Workshops & Consultancy

Do you know what separates a profitable and successful golf facility from the rest? Good marketing. We now live in an era where your customers attention is deeply fragmented on a daily basis and it's growing increasingly difficult to reach the right customer and attract them to your business.

Fortunately we have all the tools and technology to deliver the message but unfortunately the message that is delivered is almost always wrong. Get your team pointing in the right direction before you invest in tools and tactics to attract the right customer. Learn the only way to effectively market your golf facility is by starting with the customer first, NOT THE PRODUCT.

John has run workshops and delivered keynote presentations at Golf Conferences, forums and events around the globe for the leading Golf Industry Bodies

Here's where you can catch John

Golf Marketing Masterclass 5 City Roadshow - Australia 2020
German Golf Course Owners Association Conference - April 2020 Hamburg
Golf Management Australia - Annual Conference - October 2019, Melbourne
Austrian Golf Federation General Assembly - 22 March 2019, Austria
Golf Business Conference - 5-7 February 2019, San Diego, California 
Australian Golf Business Forum - 30-31 July 2018, Melbourne, Australia
Players 1st Conference 21st May, Sweden
Danish Golf Course Owners Association Conference - 12th April 2018, Odense, Denmark
European Golf Business Conference 2018 - 26th March, Vienna, Austria


Ramon van Wingerden

Manager Sport Development Royal Netherlands Golf Federation

"Recently I had the privilege of being present at John Kings presentation ‘Unlocking The Hidden Value in Golf’. Without a shadow of a doubt I can say that in my twenty years of working professionally in golf, it was the most inspiring, most authentic and most original talk I have witnessed. John combines a most thorough knowledge of the golf market with the love for the game of golf. Most convincingly he ‘unlocks’ and ‘unearths’ the key- and life values of golf and passionately translates these to practical actions that all in golf can understand and implement. John speaks from his soul and works with his heart. He fits in perfectly with an increasing number of global speakers that appeal to a broad audience because they have set out to change the world for the better. In John’s case his instrument is the game of golf. For me it is only a matter of time before John will be holding a TED Talk and being the first to get a million views with a golf related topic. I am proud to be able to spread the same word during my work at Dutch Golf Clubs and consider myself one of his first followers."

Lodewijk Klootwijk

Director - European Golf Club Association

"John Kings view on golf & marketing is unparalleled and very original. His story will give you the right insight to get into action. One of the best , if not the best marketing speech on golf I have ever witnessed. John was voted best speaker at the 2016 EGCOA conference in Amsterdam and the 2017 Dutch Golf Course Owners Association Conference. I strongly recommend John!"

Guy Chapple

Director, Golf Business Forum (Australia)

"We were delighted with John King’s positive impact at Australian Golf Business Forum 2018. John featured as a keynote presenter, and also facilitated a 1/2-day workshop, on the important topic of ‘golf marketing’. John’s messaging and communication was simple, engaging and very effective. He provided many key learnings, examples and important take-aways to our audience. I strongly recommended John for your golf marketing needs."

Bo Bengtsson

Deputy General Secretary at Swedish Golf Federation

“I listened to John King at a our annual conference for club advisors and club developers of the Golf Federations in norther part of Europe. John King presented his thoughts of “Unlocking The Hidden Value in Golf” in a very interesting and fascinating way. He was able to show in plain simple words and pictures what we do wrong in the marketing and recruiting process at the club level. As working with the clubs for several years, I know the problem and challenge. I could, based on a number of studies, survey, facts and statistics, prove that we are not doing the right things, but John King could show us what the clubs must do in order to be successful in recruiting new golfers and members. He has a rich collection of intuitive examples.”

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