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How To Sell More Through Service & Upselling

In this post we’re going to have a look at how you can really kick your sales up a notch by leveraging the power of your team...

As brilliant as you may be, you can’t be around everywhere all the time. If you’re on the phone with a prospect, you’re not in the bar finding out that Jane turns 50 next month and she’s looking for a venue for her birthday celebrations.

Or if you’re in the bar talking to Jane about her birthday, you’re not in the Pro Shop discovering that Bill’s brother-in-law is in the area next quarter looking for a conference location with some colleagues.

Which means you’ll almost certainly be missing out UNLESS you can help your own colleagues develop “sales ears, mouths and brains”.

That’s not to say anyone else has to do selling for you...far from it.

It just means other members of the team have to appreciate how important a role they can play in spotting a potential sales opportunity AND they’ll need to know how to handle those situations when they happen...efficiently and professionally.

If you can invest a bit of time training and coaching your colleagues in how to:

  1. Engage all visitors or customers (including members) in interesting conversation
  2. Listen out for any “issues” or “needs” for which you have the solution
  3. Suggest that person has a chat with someone from sales and
  4. Pass on their contact details to the sales department

Then you’ll literally develop a team of cost-free, in-house lead generators which is GUARANTEED to generate sales you would never have otherwise made. 

You’ll want everyone to be on the lookout for sales opportunities from any visitor to your site and develop a system for getting those “leads” to you. Your customer will see it as great service and you will see it as great selling.

Because the toughest part of making a sale is finding someone with a need in the first place and starting a sales conversation.

And that’s why virtually every professionally-run restaurant, retailer and customer- facing business will ask for an UPSELL at the point of sale.

It costs virtually nothing to ask a question” ”would you like something with that”

There are so many examples of this being done well, every day, all around us…

When you buy a car, you'll probably be upsold wheel, tyre and gap insurance, as well as some ineffective exterior paint protection.

Buy a white electrical good like a dishwasher or washing machine and you'll almost certainly be upsold an extended warranty. Likewise any retail purchase of a computer.

What about closer to our industry… buy a coffee in Starbucks and depending on the time of day you'll be upsold either a breakfast pastry or a lunchtime sandwich.

And how about that all time cliche question...from McDonalds… would you like fries with that? Or would you like that as a meal?

Every sale you or your colleagues make, whether it's selling a membership or a bottle of water, you should be looking for upselling opportunities.

Everything your club sells has a complimentary product. Food goes with drink and vice versa. Sell golf balls and your customer might have forgotten they're low on tees.

And don't forget, your upsell can be situation dependant… if it's raining, golfers may need a towel or an umbrella or hand-warmers or a hot drink. So anticipate what your customers may NEED in advance and then just ask for the sale.

Don't be tempted to wing it… plan it all in advance, pre script the question to ask and make sure you have some form of double check system in place to make sure those questions are being asked at the right time, every time.

If just one person in 4 buys an upsell, your sales are guaranteed to see double digit growth. It's simple, easy to do and amazingly effective. 

I'm sure you get the idea. 

To help you better understand your customers in order to facilitate those upsell opportunties check out this free lesson from the Golf Marketing Masterclass 👇👇 

Understanding Your Customer
Why marketing is nearly always done the wrong way around

This single lesson if taken on board could be the most important marketing tip you have ever received. It could be worth 10's of thousands to your business every single year!

Take 5, grab a coffee and enjoy 😄

John King

John King is the Co-Founder of Golf Marketing University, a dedicated marketing training platform for commercial golf clubs. After spending nearly a decade marketing facilities and venues within the golf and hospitality industry, John has harnessed how to effectively guide his clients to increased sales in today's competitive and ever-changing market.

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