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How would you feel watching 100k walk out the door at your club?

There is money just walking out the door at golf facilities all around the world. And thankfully there is a very simple way to stop it.

In this post I’m going to show you three easy ways you can stop 100,000s walking out of your door every year


a simple equation which means if you’re not collecting data from visitors to your club or website, you are literally letting money walk out the door.

Let me put this into perspective for you and highlight the massive opportunity that golf has (unlike almost all other sports)…

Your customer could become a customer for life.

Let’s put that into real numbers. Let’s say you sign-up a new member who’s 30 years old. You really look after them & they retain their membership for the rest of their golfing days, say another 55 years.

If the average price of membership is 1200 a year & let’s assume they spend a further 600 a year at the club, the lifetime value of that member to you is 99,000. 99,000!!!

Now picture a visitor at your club holding a bag containing 99k & they’ve said it’s for YOU. Hold that image in your mind because now imagine how you’d feel if you saw them turning around and walking away with your 99k. Now imagine that the same thing happens 5, 10, 20 times a week.

How much money is that walking out the door every year?

By capturing your visitor data both on-site and online you’re at least giving yourself the opportunity of persuading your prospect back with the chance to convert them into a customer. And when I say data,

I’m literally talking about 2 or 3 pieces of information such as:

  1. First name
  2. Email address
  3. (And maybe) Last name

Now before I share with you 3 easy ways for you to start collecting visitor data, don’t forget the final piece of the puzzle…you must have a customer database (or CRM) in which to collect names and emails.

Our top pick for a GDPR compliant CRM that works brilliantly for golf clubs is Infusionsoft. We’ve tried ALOT of them and this one is PERFECT for golf facilities. To learn more about Infusionsoft click here.

Ok, so back to our 3 easy data collection methods…  

#1 – Run a monthly or quarterly prize draw

Capture names and email on paper, by business card or electronically by tablet or iPad in a simple Google form. The iPad could be secured to the Pro Shop counter or you could even take it walk-about to the putting green or the driving range and get people to enter as you go. And on your website, web-forms are super easy to set up and achieve the same end.

One thing to keep in mind with a draw, the prize should be worth winning and maximise the number of entrants. Remember one new member could be worth 99k.

#2 – Wifi Hotspot sign-up

If you offer free Wifi at your facility, this is an absolute goldmine. Don’t miss the rush. There are lots of companies that will set this up for you allowing you to pick up data when visitors want to access your internet.

You might have done this a few times yourself in cafes, airports or hotels.

#3 – Website Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. They are also called: Signup incentives. They come in many different forms but a good starting point for golf might be some sort of Technical Guide or 10 Top Tips which leverages your knowledge & expertise.

Lead magnets should be strategically placed on your website in areas relevant to the leads you want to attract. For example, a FREE Guide on How to Cure Your Slice would go very well on your Membership page whereas your Chef’s Top Recipe would sit better on your food page.

To get you started, we’ve created a Lead Magnet Bundle for Golf, which you can use to start collecting your visitor data & stop seeing 100,000s walk out of your door.


99% of Golf Clubs know their website isn’t doing them justice… But finding the time & money to change or redevelop it is challenging. This FREE 3-part video series will show you simple changes you can make to your clubs website to generate more sales leads.


John King

John King is the Co-Founder of Golf Marketing University, a dedicated marketing training platform for commercial golf clubs. After spending nearly a decade marketing facilities and venues within the golf and hospitality industry, John has harnessed how to effectively guide his clients to increased sales in today's competitive and ever-changing market.

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