Top Tip #1 - Maximise Membership Renewal

Three simple tips to help you get more from your renewal this year...

Like many people who work in golf, I found myself in the industry from a combination of optimism and naivety  and since 2008, I’ve been responsible, as Chief Executive, for Hunley Hotel & Golf Club in North Yorkshire.

As they say, I have “skin in the game” which, in the real world, means I have shared the trials and tribulations of all of us in the golf business over the last 9 turbulent years.

To best share with you my Top Tips for membership renewal, I'd like to re-tell the story of my first 5 years of renewals and how I learnt the lessons that.

Years 1 & 2...

So my Top Tip #1 is  Clean up your data in a spreadsheet (Excel or Google Sheets) 

  • * it's quicker and easier
  • * you can automate it with functions
  • * easy to remove duplicates
  • * no spelling mistakes
  • * the 

Most IT system require you update information record by record which is really slow.

Once you've got clean data, you can always ask your IT supplier to upload your changes

Tomorrow I'll send you Top Tip #2 on How to Craft An Irresistible Renewal Invitation...Happy data cleaning in the meanwhile :-)

Top Tip #1
How To Clean Up Your Data,

Quickly & Easily

Top Tip #2
How To Craft An Irresistible

Renewal Invitation

Top Tip #3
Be Disciplined With Your

System, Follow Up & Thank

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